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Welcome! I am a jewelry artist living and working in Seattle, and want to thank you for stopping by my site. A little about me: I began my artist career working with etching, designing original etchings that I then made real by roll printing. However, while my etchings were popular and business was doing well, I harbored a secret… I was a hidden metalsmith by night. And I do mean by night! I ran my business during the day, and after I was done with “work,” (or at least after I returned home from my shared workspace, instead of plopping down in front of the TV, I’d get out my tools and begin crafting and hammering together small rings and pendants. (I’m sure my neighbors LOVED me, but – thankfully and with much gratitude to them, no one ever complained!)

At first, my jewelry-making was regulated to small gifts for family and friends, but soon I had more and more friends asking me for custom pieces. A ring for a girlfriend, earrings for a parent, a necklace for a wedding. And I loved it! Creating jewelry was much more tactile than what I was doing at “my job,” and I loved the feeling I got from creating a piece, and actually shaping it from beginning to end.

One day, a friend asked, “Why don’t you do this for a living?” And I thought, “Yeah, why don’t I?” And that’s how I formed Vesper Jewelry. Now my night hobby is my day job, and I couldn’t be happier! I love creating rings and jewelry for all sorts of occasions, and hope you love my work too. I’m currently in the midst of creating a batch of rings for casual wear, and another—more formal line—perfect for engagements and weddings. My particular favorite is a new line of tanzanite engagement rings I’m working on. I received a good deal on some beautiful tanzanite gemstones at the beginning of the year, and it inspired me to create a limited edition, special line of solely tanzanite jewelry. I hope you enjoy my site – and if you like what you see, please stop by again as my collection is being constantly updated as I create new pieces and move through inventory!

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Learn About The Beauty Of Diamonds

What makes diamonds so beautiful? There are many things. If you want to learn about the beauty of diamonds, as well as other useful information, then read on. After you read this article, you can start shopping around for diamonds.

The beauty of diamonds is spectacular, especially when you consider there is no other gemstone that is as stunning as diamonds. Not only that, but diamonds are extremely strong and durable, and not many other gemstones can compare in strength. Strength, durability and beauty are probably some of the reasons why diamonds are the gem of choice for engagements and weddings. Since diamonds are durable and they last for a longtime, you can rest assure that the person you give one to will be able to wear it for many years to come and it may still look brand new, as long as it is taken care of properly and if it is of high quality.

Another thing that makes diamonds beautiful is they are a symbol of love and a symbol of long-term commitment between two people. Many people think if diamonds as being forever, hence one of the reason diamonds are associated with love and marriage. If you are committed to someone and you want to show them that you are serious about them and about being with them forever, then give them a diamond. Nothing says I love you quite like a diamond.

Diamonds are available in different sizes and they are found in many types of jewelry, and that is the beauty of diamonds. If you’re looking for a great piece of jewelry, then consider getting diamond jewelry. You can find diamond necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, and this means you can find a piece of diamond jewelry that suits your style or you can find jewelry that you think your partner will love.

Let’s not forget to mentioned that the beauty of diamonds is how affordable they are, and people from all walks of life should have no problem finding a diamond they can afford. Just keep in mind that some diamonds cost thousands, while some cost hundreds, but the price you can expect to pay depends on the size of the diamond, quality of the diamond, type of jewelry you are buying and where you buy it from. Generally speaking, diamonds are affordable, but you will want to check out a few places that sell diamonds and compare their prices.

As you can see, the beauty of diamonds is they are found in many types of jewelry, and they come in various sizes and they are a sign of everlasting love and commitment. They are also gorgeous to look at and they are quite affordable. If you are looking for a gemstone that is truly unique and will last for a longtime to come, then look no further than a diamond. All you have to do now is start shopping around for diamonds and choose the diamonds you like the most and the ones you can afford.

What Is Skull Jewelry?

What is Japanese Skull Jewelry – By Edward Casper?

japanese skull jewelrySkull jewelry is a subsection of jewelry that is fashioned in the shape of skulls, and can be incredibly intricate in its details and artistry. In Japan, there is evident of skull art over 100 years old, when the skulls were carved to work in many different ways, including as statues, charms, netsuke (a small sculpture designed to hold up kimono), and jewelry.

The History of Japanese Skull Jewelry

Historically, much of Japanese art was created as a means to convey social status, as well as act as charms for protection and to symbolize devotion. Japanese skulls symbolize life, death, change, and reverence for one’s ancestors.

If these meanings seem strange to modern-day art collectors and admirers, there’s a reason for that. The present day connotation for the human skull are, on the whole, negative. Think death, danger, anger, and ill luck.

But in Japanese skull jewelry, the skull is seen as positive, and represents change – as many Asian cultures view death not as final, but as part of a grander plan, reincarnation and the ultimate chance at change an individual may be granted. A Japanese skull represents just one part of the cycle of life – think of it like Ying and Yang. If Life is Ying, then Death is Yang – and thus Japanese skull jewelry can be a reminder that you should live life to the fullest and accept that death is inevitable.

Zugaikotsu (頭蓋骨), The Skull

The Japanese skull is often created in the likeness of a skull of a samurai, the traditional Japanese warrior. There are early Japanese prints (as early as the 1800s) that show actors and samurai even wearing robes with skull prints on them.

Skulls were used often in traditional Japanese plays, known as “kabukis” – a traditional drama that utilized stylized song, dance, and miming in its performance. But skulls were utilized for more than just art – long ago, they were also utilized as… wait for it… drinking vessels.

Japanese Woodblock Prints with Skulls

For more on Japanese skull jewelry and art, check out ukiyo-e, or wood block prints. Between 1603 and 1912 (the Edo and Meiji periods in Japan), there are a lot of prints utilizing skeletons and skulls, and some of this art was then translated into Japanese skull jewelry. In fact, again we see in this period characters, especially warriors, whose robes are often decorated with skulls.

One of the most famous depictions of a skull in Japanese art has been recreated as jewelry in the form of pendants, pins, and even earrings, and that is Kawanabe Kyosai’s depiction of a lizard slithering through the empty eye socket of a skull. At an art vendor like Tanzanite Rings HQ you can find various types of skull and tanzanite jewelry pieces.

New Japanese Skull Jewelry

One of the newest examples of Japanese skull jewelry has been created by Shinji Nakaba, a Toyko-based jewelry designer who has recently begun carving pearls into tiny skulls, and adding these to rings, necklaces, and bracelets. The word “Vanitas” is carved into many of the skulls, which is Latin for “vanity” and a nod to 16th century funeral art.

These are just some examples of how skulls have been utilized in Japanese art and jewelry over the years, and why Japanese skull jewelry continues to enjoy wide popularity!